Excellence doesn't just happen; it happens with knowledge of the law
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Excellence doesn't just happen; it happens with knowledge of the law

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Gershon Kulek, Attorney at Law

Gershon Kulek, Attorney at Law, concentrates in defense law. He has over 30 years experience as a lawyer and utilizes his experience to help people in distress. Throughout the years, Gershon Kulek, Attorney at Law, has conducted trials, had some very large cases dismissed, and been recommended by other attorneys to handle cases.

Gershon Kulek, Attorney at Law, graduated from Albany Law School, as well as completing Bachelors of Art in Political Science in Southern Methodist University. His education and legal experience enable him to provide great help to Chicagoland people by providing top level defense law legal services.

Professional Services

Our Law Office is a Defense Law Office that is affordable, reachable, and dedicated to representing individuals throughout the Chicagoland area. We take great pride in developing personal relationships with our clients who know that we listen and care about them and their individual case. We offer free consultations and are proud of the fact that we do our very best for each client and take away a lot of the stress from the particular individual during a difficult time in their lives.

Quality legal representation during litigation

Our Law Office is committed to providing quality and personal legal services by passionately defending and treating each client with respect. The Law Office is committed to a standard of excellence in representing both its current and future clients. At our law office, we continue to provide quality representation and service to all of our clients. That is what we take extreme pride in, along with our complete determination to provide high quality legal services and unmatched client service.

Cost-effective quality representation with affordable payment plans

Furthermore, our law office has recognized that for way too long, strong, aggressive representation has only been available to very wealthy individuals who could come up with large legal retainer money up front. Our law office is the realization of the dream of attorneys who knew there was a better way to protect our clients; a way not just for the rich and highly connected, but for people from all walks of life. Our law office came up with a distinct system of offering unique affordable payment plans and not requiring a large amount of money up front. Instead, the individual will pay small amounts over a period of time, which gives hope and opportunity to individuals across the economic spectrum, to now be able to hire a private Chicago attorney, that for so long have not had the economic resources.

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