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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law

Chicago Illinois Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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When you need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, Illinois, you'll find the quality representation you're looking for at Gershon Kulek Law Offices. We can help you to get out from under the stress of unmanageable debt and start fresh again. Since 1982, attorney Gershon Kulek has been helping clients with all bankruptcy cases, and at our office, our top priority is always client satisfaction. Call us today for more information.

Getting things under control

Many things can happen in life that have us suddenly finding ourselves in dire financial situations. Sometimes it's temporary enough that you can get through it without legal help, but other times debt can become so unmanageable that you can't see a way out of it on your own.

Create a complete analysis of all your options

At Gershon Kulek Law Offices, we handle bankruptcy cases, and if you think that you may need to go this route, we can help. We'll provide you with a free initial consultation, during which we'll go over all the details of your financial situation with you in depth. We'll discuss what assets you have, how much income is coming in, and what your debt load is. If we believe that you quality for Chapter 7 and that it's the way that you should go, we'll get started right away helping you through the process. We'll work with you to fill out and file the necessary documents. We'll help to:

  • Get Rid of Debts
  • Stop Wage Garnishments
  • Eliminate Judgments
  • Protect Your Bank Accounts
  • Creating a bright financial future

Our goal is take the stress out of the process for you and put you on a road to a more hopeful financial future. You'll get one-on-one counseling with attorney Gershon Kulek himself, and you can rest assured that everyone here will always be courteous, respectful, honest, and straightforward with you. We'll get you through this situation in a professional and timely manner, and we offer affordable fees and payment plans so that you can more easily fit our services into your budget. Call us today so we can schedule a consultation.

If you're looking for a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, Illinois, the right place to call is Gershon Kulek Law Offices. We'll provide you with quality service. Call us today for a free consultation.

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