Excellence doesn't just happen; it happens with knowledge of the law
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Excellence doesn't just happen; it happens with knowledge of the law

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We Will Stand By You In This Difficult Time

We know it is a difficult time, and as your foreclosure defense attorney, we will do everything we can to get you through this hard time. We want you to know that we listen and care about each case. We put trust in you by offering extremely affordable payment plans. We will utilize our experience and passion to help through this hard time.

Best Possible Representation

If you or someone that you care about is in foreclosure, you deserve the best possible representation. Contact an experienced Chicago Foreclosure Lawyer right now. We give Free Consultations and work out extremely affordable payment plans. We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Chicago, accessible by almost every train.

Affordable, Unique Payment Plan Commitment

For way too long, strong, aggressive foreclosure defense has only available to very wealthy individuals who could come up large legal retainer money up front. Our Law Office is the realization of the dream of attorneys who knew there was a better way to protect the homes of every citizen; a way not just for the rich and highly connected, but for people from all walks of life. The way came with offering unique affordable payment plans and not requiring a large amount of money up front. Instead, the individual will pay small amounts over a period of time, which gives hope and opportunity to individuals across the economic spectrum, to know be able to hire a private Chicago attorneys that for so long have not had the economic resources. The same way we you put the trust in us; we put the trust in you to pay over a period of time. We believe that the financial institutions ability to take away your home, often through illegal means, must be rigorously challenged. It is our mission to give each of our clients this option.

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