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Nobody wants to deal with legal issues, but sometimes they occur. Whether you need assistance with probate law, civil matters or another legal problem, turn to the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek, P.C.

As a family law attorney, Gershon Kulek can help you handle your stresses at home. When it comes to probate law, attorney Kulek knows how to make the probate process a breeze. Whatever your legal needs may be, allow a lawyer with over three decades of experience to tackle the matter.

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A lot of legal issues can occur in your life, and you need an experienced attorney to handle these situations. Gershon Kulek can serve as your:

For 35+ years, attorney Kulek has helped residents of Chicago, IL tackle their toughest legal issues. Hire him when you need a strong defense inside or outside the courtroom.

Serving those who serve the community

The Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek, P.C. knows how important our police officers are to the community. That's why we offer discounted fees to all police officers who need legal aid. No matter your legal problem, you can count on reasonable rates and a passionate defense.

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