Don't Stress Over Managing Your Loved One's Estate.

Don't Stress Over Managing Your Loved One's Estate.

Hire a probate attorney from the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek, P.C. in Chicago, IL to handle estate matters.

It's always tough when a loved one dies. The last thing you want to do while you grieve is deal with the estate. Luckily, a probate attorney can ensure that the will and trust are handled correctly. Work with the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek, P.C. when you need to probate a will.

Attorney Kulek can collect the documents, work with the courts and contact the beneficiaries for you. In addition to a probate law attorney, he can also serve as your guardianship attorney for minor children and disabled adults in Chicago, IL.

Reach out today to learn more about how attorney Kulek can help you with your legal needs.

Times when you may need a probate or estate attorney

Legal aid can be very useful when dealing with probate, estates or a variety of other situations. You will need an attorney when:

  • Someone passes away and they left a will or trust behind
  • Someone passes away without any will or trust left behind
  • Someone can no longer take care of themselves and need a gaurdian appointed
  • Children need to be put into the guardianship of a grandparent or other party

Work with a probate attorney to handle your loved one's will or trust. Team up with a guardianship attorney when you need to fight for guardianship of a child. Whatever your need, attorney Kulek can help. Connect with our law office now to get started on solving your legal problems.