Courteous, professional, and very easy to work with!

The Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek did a wonderful job for me! They were all very courteous and very professional. They did their research and they did a very thorough job for me. They were great about staying in touch with me and letting me know what was going on in my case. And, about letting me know what I needed to do. Something else that really impressed me about the firm was how simple it was to deal with them and get things done. They have great communication skills and they are very streamlined and efficient with the paperwork. It was very easy to get information to them. I was very pleased with their services, and I highly recommend them!

Jessica G. Chicago, IL

Very Satisfied!

I was definitely fully satisfied with my experience with the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek. I went there for a lawsuit, of course, and I was very pleased with how hardworking and professional it was, there. I was very well communicated with, and it was clear that he was very knowledgeable and hardworking, which was impressive. It all went quite well, thankfully, and though I personally hope not to need such services again, I'd definitely recommend them to others. Thank you, Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek!

N J. Chicago, IL

Terrific Experience!

This was my first time using Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek. Mr. Kulek is very patient, he did not rush me at all. He listened to what I had to say and was very informative and explained things to me in a way that I could understand them. He used everyday terms in those explanations and made sure that I understood the entire process. If I had to call his office for any reason with a question they were quick to respond with the answers I needed. Everything turned out great for me and if anyone needed an attorney I would recommend him right off the bat!

Anna M. Chicago , IL

Flexible, Reasonable, and Responsive

I had a great experience with Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek. They helped me with a divorce case, I got the outcome I wanted, and I would go back to them again. The attorney I worked with was punctual, flexible, very easy to get a hold of, and gave quick responses. The company was direct and my case handled in a timely manner. Their pricing was reasonable and within budget.

Jessica G. Chicago, IL

Very Happy

This was my first time using Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek, I had heard about them from a friend. They did everything I asked them to and really felt like they had my best interests at heart. The team I worked with was professional and did a great job. I don't have any complaints and think they should just keep doing what they are doing! I would use them again if need be and recommend them to others.

Alphonso T. Chicago, IL

Excellent Results!

I had a great experience with the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek. I loved that Gershon's values and ethics aligned with those of me and my family. He was very thorough and efficient in his work. I also appreciated that he was very honest, upfront, and clear about all the information. He guided us through a myriad of options and presented all the potential outcomes. Even after the initial visit, I came away more informed after every subsequent session. The pricing was more than reasonable given that I had a further discount. I will continue to use Gershon in the future and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Jaime G. Chicago, IL

During a difficult time in my life, I was set at ease.

The Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek was excellent in every aspect, and I equate Gershon to a good doctor with good bedside manners--one who is sensitive to the situation, knowledgeable, and professional. He was also willing to explain terminology and concepts; I had worked as a law clerk so I am a little more well-versed than a layperson, but I'm not an attorney. Everything turned out exactly the way I wanted, and the way he explained it. I recommend him to family, friends, and coworkers.

Brian C. Chicago, IL

A Very Trustworthy Individual

Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek provided me with excellent legal service. They were very responsive and answered all of my questions. They left me feeling very in the loop. I always knew what was going on. They returned my calls themselves, which I appreciated. In general they made a very tough process a lot easier. He has a very calming personality. The cost was fantastic for what I got out of it. He's a very trustworthy individual.

Michael C. Chicago, IL

Efficient, knowledgeable and detail-oriented

I had a great experience with the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek. Kulek did everything that he said he would do and the case was resolved to my satisfaction. It was easy to work with him and he handled everything efficiently. He was professional throughout the process and was very knowledgeable about the subject. His work was detail-oriented and accurate. His pricing is reasonable for the service that he provides and is competitive compared to the market. This was my second time using him and I would definitely use him again in the future if I needed to.

Beverly G. Chicago, IL

Compassionate and Professional, Both in Court and with Me

Everyone at Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek was very kind and courteous. Gershon was very prompt and he kept me in the loop about what was going on with my case. I never had to call him, he was always timely in calling me and keeping me updated. All my questions were answered in a timely fashion. The price for the service was excellent. I just found that he was very compassionate about what was going on as well as being very professional, both in court and in dealing with me.

Eileen L. Chicago, IL

Very responsive and very good.

I would recommend the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek because they do a great job. They are really good overall and I would recommend them to anybody. This was my first time using them and I would give them 5 out of 5 for everything. They are easy to contact and they always responded back to me as soon as possible.

Fernando M. Chicago, IL

Mr. Kulek Is A Miracle Worker

My experience with the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek was truly an incredible one. Mr. Kulek is very professional and he handled my case with the utmost degree of professionalism. I had been dealing with this child custody case for about 4 years and had gone through 5 different lawyers before I found Mr. Kulek. He took care of my case in the correct manner and was able to do it so quickly! He actually gave me a discount because I am a former police officer and I really appreciated that. After 4 years of dealing with this case he was able to resolve it within a couple of months after taking it on. He is just a miracle worker and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Robert L. Chicago, IL

Great Working With Gershon

Working with Gershon Kulek was very personable experience. Everything was tailored to what I needed, no broad kind of solution regarding my case.

Getting in contact with Gershon was easy. I made a phone call to his office and was connected directly to him. All our communication from that point was on the phone or in person. He is absolutely organized and easy to work with. I also appreciate that he offers a special discount for officers.

Gregory A. Chicago, IL

Great work, very pleased!

I recently was in need of a defense attorney and ended up going to the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek and was very happy with how the services from them went. For a decent price they were able to get done what I needed without any real hassle for me. They made all the paperwork and everything needed easy to deal with, and didn't bother me with anything I didn't need. Overall I was quite happy with how the work from the Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek went and would definitely use their services again, I highly recommend them!

Roger H. Chicago, IL

It was good.

Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek is very caring and lenient. They were good listeners when I told them about my case. They also took care of my friends.

Madelyn D. Chicago , IL

Geniune and successful experience.

Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek is fabulous! Gershon is a very nice man and a great listener. He is a good help every step of the way when you need him.

Chris S. Chicago, IL

5 star service!

The Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek really did a great job for me and I highly recommend them. Everything was handled in such a timely manner and I felt that I was very respected and represented fairly as their client. They were really quick to respond to me and I feel ALL my questions and concerns were certainly addressed. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service received with Law Office of Gershon S. Kulek.

Sharon M. Chicago, IL